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Saintly x Rashelle

This is what literal dreams are made of. Hand-tufted by Rashelle for the Saintly Collective, this soft and shaggy rug will add the perfect pink vibe to your space.

Made with 100% Acrylic Yarn & 100% Polyester Underlay. Perfect for a medium-low traffic area. Gently vacuum or shake free of any dust or debris and avoid placing in direct sunlight.

Rosé spill? Take a damp cloth with soap or detergent, and gently massage it. Because this is handmade, do not machine wash your rug.

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The perfect balance of dry, fresh and fruity 

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Saintly Collective

Saintly x Natalya


Designer & Creator

Natalya is a self-taught seamstress, artist, and creator of Remixed by Tal. She reimagines vintage pieces and transforms them to give them new life. Just wait until you see what she’s designed for the Collective.

Saintly x Rashelle

Designer & Creator

Rashelle is a creative with Indigenous Cree roots. Her designs embrace colour, imperfections, and have a splash of 90's pop- nostalgia. You’re going to love what she’s created for the Collective.

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